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Makomu Hospital

UK Sponsored

In June 2020, Makomu Hospital requested funding for a Blood Analysing Machine (Haematology Analyser), citing health benefits and patient statistics. They also hoped it would help their progress in elevating their establishment from 'Dispensary' to 'Health Centre'.
After receiving answers relating to calibrating and maintaining the equipment, You Touch Africa funded the purchase.
The Haematology Machine is now installed and working within the hospital's laboratory building, which was itself funded by You Touch Africa.

Building a Laboratory Building at Makomu Hospital

UK Sponsored

A new small laboratory building has been built in Makomu on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Completion of a new Maternity Wing at Sanya Juu Hospital

UK Sponsored

A new maternity building has been completed and fitted out at Sanya Juu in northern Tanzania.

Maternity Wing at Sanya Juu Hospital.JPG
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