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If you wish to make a donation to a specific project, please review current projects below and make the notation on your donation.

Improving the Diet at Makomu School

UK Sponsored

Unlike other projects, which demand a one off funding, such us building structures, transporting medical and educational equipment, Improve Diet Project needs a sustained funding. 


It is our strong belief that providing a healthy diet to the schoolchildren, not only helps to resolve hunger but also contributes in the following ways:

  • Raises health and awareness levels

  • Stimulates local economy by using local resources to improving the meals

  • Encourages parents to continue contributing their portions as required

  • Stimulates the levels of school attendance

Donor’s details:
Name: Mr Wilbert Derks
Company: Howrey LLP Amsterdam 

Typical costs for this type of project

For a school with 620 Pupils, the approximate costs would be:-

Cooking Oil and Vegetables: £110 per month

If you would like to contribute by funding a similar project, please contact us.

Kasina Healthcare Center

UK Sponsored

Kasina healthcare center is in Malawi. They received £1000 to prepare for Covid-19 patients.

Uomboni Clinic

UK Sponsored

These pics are from Uomboni Clinic, Kilimanjaro Tanzania. They received £1000 for the sanitation and prepare an isolation room for Covid-19 patients.

Upcoming project  

• Due to the old nature of the infrastructure, which is in urgent need for repairs, they villagers are in the process of raising 11.5 million shillings.  

This amount will install an indoor toilet, sinks, floor, new windows which will protect patients from the cold Kilimanjaro weather, buy new beds, tables, chairs, and other items.   

They are currently requesting 8 million shillings=£2,800 from You touch Africa in order to support their efforts on this project.

Makomu Hospital

UK Sponsored

Makomu Hospital received funds to prepare for Covid-19. They now have a safer waiting area for patients, an isolation room, enough PPE and numerous items for sanitization and hygiene, thanks to your donations to You Touch Africa.

Upcoming project:

  • Patients who need blood tests to diagnose their illnesses are referred to another hospital 10 miles away due to lack of reliable testing equipment. Due to the increase in the number of patients at the hospital, they hope to be able to purchase a Hematological Machine in order to be able to perform more accurate full body count tests. This machine will save lives and be a game changer for the many children and women who rely on the hospital for their healthcare.   

The machine will cost over 11 million shillings. The villagers hope to be able to raise up to 4 million shillings. Hence, they are requesting 7 million shillings=£2,450 from You Touch Africa. 

St Mary's Vocational School, Bo, Ghana

UK Sponsored


Bo Village, in Northern Ghana is in one of the poorest regions of the country. The villagers are peasants who rely on scarce rains to grow crops for their livelihoods. Without education or skills provided to the young girls, many got pregnant at very young age, some moved to towns as domestic workers and others got married as children.  

Brother Patrick Norah who was born there and a member of the Society of the Missionaries of Africa, worked together with the villagers to start the St Mary's School. In 2006/7 he got in touch with Fr Arbo and the trustees and requested assistance to complete the school.


You Touch Africa has continued to assist the school financially with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency, which the board of governors and the villagers are determined to achieve by 2021.

Canossa Hospital

UK Sponsored

Canossa Hospital is located in the outskirts of Arusha town. It is the only hospital in the area attending to the Massai nomads and the town people who are settling in great numbers in the area. The hospital is run by the Canossan Sisters.


In January 2020 when Fr Arbo visited the hospital for treatment accompanied by one of the trustees, Jenny Mutesi, Sr Cynthia Menezes in-charge, expressed the hospital's desperate need for IT equipment so as to improve their record keeping and cope well with the increasing number of patients. They presented their request to the trustees and it was agreed to fund them with Computers, Printers and Nanostation M2 in order to facilitate their work for the sick. See the testimonies of appreciation from the staff.

We remain grateful for your donations in support of our work in Africa.

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